De-Mystifying the Mortgage Pricing Engine


(Combine with “The Secrets of Mortgage Pricing” )

Technology by itself can be tough to comprehend, however, when you combine technology and mortgage pricing you have a whole new level of complexity!  Like most technology, a user can configure or customize the pricing engine to produce outcomes appropriate for their company needs.  The disconnect is that more times than not, the pricing engine configuration is out of synch with the pricing policy.

This Course Includes:

  • What Does a Pricing Engine Do?
  • Understanding the Elements in Configuration
    • Raw Price
    •  Corporate Margin
    •  Compensation both Wholesale and Retail
    •  Additional Margins
    • Pricing & Risk Adjustments
    • Lender Fees
  • How a Pricing Engine Works with Your LOS
  • Common Configuration Issues That Cause Exam Problems

Your Course Instructor – Tammy Butler, Master CMB, LSS Black Belt

Course is Appropriate For:  Compliance, Secondary Marketing, Anyone with interest in this subject!