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10 Days to QM/ATR! Final Checklists

Well folks, we have 10 days to implement for QM and the ATR.  I thought this might be a great opportunity to highlight one implementation checklist each day to help you determine your readiness.  Today’s Checklist is Staff Training.


Staff Training:


____ Staff is Scheduled to train no later than January 9 on all Modules related to their Position.


____ Training is Divided Into Position Specific Modules.


____ QM History, Regulations and Where to get Additional Guidance


____ QM/ATR Company Policy & Procedures


____ Legal Issues That Result from QM vs. Non-QM (Basic Overview)


____ Written Guidance on the Application of this Regulation to each Position in the Loan Process.


____ QM Math Training


____ QM Ability to Repay Training


____ Resource Reference Materials


____ “Go To” Expert Assigned Internally to Staff


____ LOS and PPE Training for New Functionality


____ Training Documentation that the Training is Complete for Each Employee



Missing Items from your checklist?  No need to panic!  Just contact me at and I will send you a training course that I have done for several state mortgage lenders associations.  This will give you a base to build from!

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