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MSAs, Referrals, Desk Rentals, Kickbacks Anyone?

This is a great article regarding a recent case involving referral fees. Take note that although HUD may have allowed for some leeway with regard to MSA agreements, rental desks in real estate offices, and other types of arrangements; and some of you may have had great legal advice on your ability to do any of this, I believe the CFPB is making a statement to all of us. Read carefully their position and you will see that they do not see this practice as in the best interest of the consumer. 

It also appears that no amount of “spinning” the value of these relationships is working to persuade them either. If you have these in place in your company are you going to risk being the next “example” by continuing with the practice? 

To read the article, CLICK HERE!

I would love to hear your opinions on this issue! 

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