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So The Rocket Scientist Says to the Banker….

By April 9, 2015January 17th, 2016Humor

I’m at the ABA Real Estate Lending Conference in Baltimore and finished listening to a session this morning about how banks can do more mortgage lending business. 

One of speakers was talking about assisting a lender with designing a proprietary processing system. The CTO of the bank was a former rocket scientist from NASA. They hit a rough spot and everyone was getting frustrated and angry. The speaker said to the former scientist. “This isn’t rocket science” to which the rocket scientist replied “you’re right, it’s worse! When we launch a shuttle we have over 2 million lines of code but we only have to accomplish one thing….safe flight. These processes are so complex that it is worse than rocket science 🙂 “ 

So if you are feeling a little overwhelmed, remember that a rocket scientist says working out our process flow is worse than rocket science. 

I hope this made your day!! 

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