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A big thanks to group member and attorney extraordinaire Howard Lax for sharing this article with me.

I hope that most of you have heard of “Qui Tam” which is a fancy Latin word for employees telling on you to the regulators; AKA Whistleblowers.

When you have little to no outlet internally for an employee to vent or reveal a problem within your company, you set your company up for lawsuits and investigations. Many times, the employee thinks you are doing something wrong, but in reality you are not. It’s just that the “way we used to do it” isn’t the required way to do it now.

No one wants to fear going to management over an issue. They also don’t want to lose their job, become a target politically or cause chaos. 

Since the regulators are encouraging wrong doing to be communicated directly to them, it’s good practice to open up that anonymous window within your own company.

Please make sure you read the “Takeaways” regarding attorney-client privilege as this case will likely be used in the future as precedence.

Thanks Howard for bringing this to our attention!

To Read The Commentary, Click Here

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