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TRID Holiday Humor!

A good friend sent this to me.  I’m not sure of it’s origins, but it is funny 🙂

“A Note From Santa,

I was going to deliver presents on the 25th of December as usual, but due to hidden messages within TRID, I now have to follow proper guidelines. That being said below is my revised holiday schedule.

Please make sure you submit your initial list at least 14 days prior to the 25th. This list will be called your IPD (Initial Present Disclosure.) You will then have 3 days before the expiration to modify or change that list.

If you change your IPD wish list, my EDT (Elf Disclosure Team) will send you a COCPL (Change of Circumstance Present List) which must have a valid reason such as, “I no longer want a waffle maker, but would like a healthy shake maker instead.”

At that point, once everything is confirmed, we will issue you a final SPD (Santa Present Disclosure) which will go out to everyone immediately, including closers and funders. Yours will go out 24-48 hours after others. At that point, you have 3 days to decide if you want your presents or decline.

Then I will mount my sleigh and deliver the presents. You will have to wait 3 more days to open your presents, but if you’re not in a NEW home, you will have 3 more days to return the presents and forget the entire thing, 

HO HO HO Happy Holidays, 


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