Working with Visa Status Homebuyers – Part One


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Getting a loan approved and closed can be complex even for US Citizens. Add in “non-permanent resident alien” or “permanent resident alien” along with over 60 Visa classifications and variations within each Visa, and the mortgage approval process just became highly complex when trying to figure out what lenders and the agencies really need or want. In Visa Status Homebuyers-Part One, we acquaint you with all of the essential information you need to understand for borrowers with Visas’.

This Course Includes:

  • What Do Lenders Consider?
  • Biggest Qualifiers for Visa Borrowers
  • Elements of a Visa Status
  • Guide to Visa Terminology
  • Permanent Resident vs. Non-Permanent Resident
  • Immigrant Status vs. Non-Immigrant Status
  • ITIN
  • DACA
  • Resources to Assist Your Business

Course is Appropriate For:  Loan originators, Processors, Underwriters, Policy Developers, Loan Scenario Desk, Training!

This course is also available via webinar or private training.  Please contact us at for information.