Working with Visa Status Homebuyers – Combined


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Working with Visa buyers or developing policies for borrowers holding Visa status can be quite complex. Our Visa Buyer Part One & Part Two Bundle combines both classes at a reduced price to provide you with the education and guides you need to assist your Visa Buyers.

Part One Course Includes:

  • What Do Lenders Consider?
  • Biggest Qualifiers for Visa Borrowers
  • Elements of a Visa Status
  • Guide to Visa Terminology
  • Permanent Resident vs. Non-Permanent Resident
  • Immigrant Status vs. Non-Immigrant Status
  • ITIN
  • DACA
  • Resources to Assist Your Business

Part Two Course Includes:

  • Detailed Information on Each Visa Statuses More Generally Accepted by Lenders
  • Information on Visa Statuses that are Possibly Accepted by Lenders
  • Secondary Marketing & Agency Guidelines
  • Documentation Required
  • Alternatives to Secondary Marketing Lenders
  • “Interactive Visa Guide”  – (Guide Defines – Visa Type, Definition, Types of Employment & Documentation Needed)

Course is Appropriate For:  Loan Originators, Processors, Underwriters, Policy Developers, Loan Scenario Desk, Training Department!

This course is also available via webinar or private training.  Please contact us at for information.