Working with Visa Status Homebuyers – Part Two


(Combine with “Working with Visa Status Homebuyers – Part One” for a Discount)

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Working with the Visa Homebuyer Part Two builds upon the Part One class by providing you with the in-depth details you need to understand about Visa types, definitions of the Visa types accepted by lenders and the documentation your buyer will likely need to provide. Discussion of the Visa status buyer guidelines for income and job stability will be defined along with the various types of documentation your lenders may request.

This Course Includes:

  • Detailed Information on Each Visa Statuses More Generally Accepted by Lenders
  • Information on Visa Statuses that are Possibly Accepted by Lenders
  • Secondary Marketing & Agency Guidelines
  • Documentation Required
  • Alternatives to Secondary Marketing Lenders
  • “Interactive Visa Guide”  – (Guide Defines – Visa Type, Definition, Types of Employment & Documentation Needed)

Course is Appropriate For:  Loan Originators, Processors, Underwriters, Policy Developers, Loan Scenario Desk, Training Department!

This course is also available via webinar or private training.  Please contact us at for information.